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As part of the Forest Jam for Cairn the Perpetual Forest is a small hexcrawl in a forest ravaged by time and dreams. Mushroom People just sprung into existence and a roaming knight of seasons is looking for a way to save a true friend.

In short this product includes three pages with:

  • 7 new locations
  • 2 one page dungeons
  • 8 new beasts
  • 3 new items

The Perpetual Forest

This forest has many trees and wanderers that turned to stone and some start crumbling to dust. Time runs wild here, rewinding as it pleases and the supernatural influence is not only noticeable by Darklings lying in wait for careless adventurers, but also by the Mushroom People which seem to have sprung into life just recently.

The Shroom God's Cave

The last few weeks in the Perpetual Forest sightings of Mushroom People, around 3 feet high creatures in radiant colors, are getting more and more common. They ambush hunters, wanderers, lumberjacks and even raided a nearby village.

They are looking for valuables and resources and thus are becoming a grave danger to mankind. But what made them spring to life? What could they want? Where will their trails lead to?

The Grave of the Elder Wolf

There was a time of four great knights, the Knights of Seasons. Each and everyone was a force of nature, that represented Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each of these flamboyant Chevaliers were blessed with true fellowship between them, but also with their animal companions. This is the grave of Jaknar, the Elder Wolf, companion of the Flower Knight, the Knight of Spring. 

But for some time, the Flower Knight is roaming the lands, looking for a way to bring back his loyal friend to former glory. In some nights, strange impulses and dark lights brighten the starry sky, announce an impending doom.  


  • Text licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.
  • Cairn by Yochai Gal
  • Artwork used with permission by Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studio
  • Background image by gdizerega
  • Maps by Dyson Logos


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hello! Any chance we could get a refill on the community copies? Thanks!

I addes some more!

You da real MVP!

Hello! Are there, by any chance, any community copy left?


I just checked the game and updated the community copies. :-)

Thank you! I'll try to run it this weekend and see how it goes. It looks great. 

Hope you have fun! :)

any chance for some community copies some day?

Thanks for reminding me. I refill those unregularly, but got new ones. If you do not have the chance, to grab one of those, message me and we’ll figure a way out for you to get one :-)

you're the best! i was able to get the last remaining one looks like :D